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Editorial: Gender and Religiosity in Multicultural Societies


Chia Longman ,

Ghent University, BE
About Chia


Chia Longman is Lecturer in Gender and Diversity Studies at Ghent University, Belgium. In 2012 she is Visiting Professor at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Her research interests include the anthropology of gender, ethnicity, kinship and religion, particularly women’s identity politics among traditionalist minorities in Western Europe, including Orthodox Jewish and Muslim women. She was recipient of a Hadassah-Brandeis Institute Research Award (2005) and Laureate of the Dr. G. Schamelhout Prize for Anthropology (2005-2009, Royal Academy for Medicine in Belgium).

Included among more than fifty publications are articles in the European Journal of Women’s Studies, Social Compass, Ethnicities and Social Anthropology. She recently co-edited a book in French (Féminisme et multiculturalisme, Les ambiguïtés du débat, Brussels: Peter Lang 2010). She is former editor and former chief editor of the Dutch Journal for Gender Studies.

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Eva Midden,

Nella van den Brandt

How to Cite: Longman, C., Midden, E. and van den Brandt, N., 2012. Editorial: Gender and Religiosity in Multicultural Societies. Religion and Gender, 2(1), pp.1–8. DOI:
Published on 16 Feb 2012.


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